Willie Nelson’s Marijuana Strain to Debut in Colorado Retail Stores

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Music legend Willie Nelson is planning to enter Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry this fall.

In an interview with Texas TV station KSAT at Nelson’s ranch outside Austin, the singer-songwriter said that he plans to make a strain called “Willie’s Reserve” available for purchase in Colorado pot shops by September.

“This product is some of the best they have to offer up there,” Nelson said.

Citing lawmakers’ penchant for prioritizing money over just about everything else, Nelson predicted that marijuana would be legal in all 50 states in less than ten years: “The bottom line is money, and once those old guys see how much money is being made in Colorado and Washington  — all the places that it is legal —  they’ll say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. We may want to think about it.’”

Nelson asserted that raising awareness about cannabis was more important to him than making money: “It’ll generate talk, which is more important than money.”



Photo Credit: Bert Cash


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