Why weed is the best hangover cure 1

Why weed is the best hangover cure

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Plenty of people enjoy an adult beverage here and there, even cannabis consumers. But sometimes, one beer leads to a 12-pack of beer, and one glass of wine leads to an entire bottle of wine. Before you know it, you’re buzzing way harder than you planned. And come the next morning, you are reminded of why you seldom drink. Hangovers are indeed the worst. Some say a cold shower, followed by a greasy meal, can get rid of a splitting headache induced by alcohol. But if you want to know the ultimate remedy, it’s weed. Here’s why cannabis is the best cure for a hangover.

Cannabis relieves nausea and increases your appetite

One symptom of a hangover is queasiness. After one shot too many, you may or may not be hugging the toilet the next day. To avoid the torture of potentially spewing your guts up, smoke some weed. Studies show that the compounds in cannabis, such as THC, can treat both nausea and vomiting. In fact, the herb can probably do a better job of healing you from your nausea than most over-the-counter drugs, which is why many people use it as a home remedy. And in certain legal states, cancer patients can be prescribed medical marijuana to help alleviate vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Weed also increases your appetite, which can be helpful when you’re feeling too sick to eat. Once you’ve had a few puffs, you’ll be able to bring yourself to eat and hydrate, even if it’s just a little bit.

Weed eliminates headaches

The throbbing pain of a headache is another thing you have to deal with after a night of drinking alcohol. That’s why people with a hangover will often stay in bed all day. But that’s not an option for everyone, especially when you’re a parent or you have to, you know, work. To tackle a headache quicker and more efficiently than a couple of Tylenol, all you need is weed. According to a study published just last year, “before cannabis was made illegal, many prominent physicians praised its use in the treatment of headache disorders.”

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Why weed is the best hangover cure
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The right strain can boost your energy or put you straight to sleep—depending on what you need.

You’re bound to sacrifice several hours of sleep in exchange for a “fun” time with alcohol. While a cup of coffee can wake you right up when you have a hangover, the right strain of cannabis can too without giving you the jitters.

Several Sativa strains promote energy and liveliness. For instance, Super Silver Haze. Jack Herer is another uplifting strain, and it helps fight pain.

Why weed is the best hangover cure
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When it comes time to shut those eyes and catch up on your sleep, a hangover might get in the way, especially if you took a bunch of Jager Bombs the night before. Luckily, an Indica strain will put you right to bed. Purple Kush, for example, has such relaxing effects that you won’t even have time to count sheep before you pass out. Not to mention, Purple Kush tackles hangover symptoms like nausea, stress, and even pain. Hashberry is similar, only not as intense. If you need just a little bit of help falling asleep, Hashberry is the ideal sleep aid. And it reduces bloating, which is another common hangover symptom.

Of course, the only way to avoid a hangover entirely is just not to drink. But you’re only human. And every now and again, you might want to have a glass of Pinot Grigio or an ice-cold Budlight. At least you know that if you do go overboard and wind up with a hangover, your beloved cannabis will be there for you in the morning.

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Why weed is the best hangover cure

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