Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats? 1

Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats?

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Dab sweats are something anyone who uses dabs has had to come to terms with, one of those unfortunate side effects of doing something that you love. Have you ever wondered why you are so susceptible to the sweats after a huge dab? Well, today we are going to clear up exactly what causes the dab sweats that affect just about every dabber out there.

It all starts with a cough

Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats?
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Not surprisingly, dabbing is particularly well known for giving the sweats because of how highly concentrated a form of marijuana it is. However, the sweats that you experience have more to do with your cough reflex than with the dab you hit. The process of your body breaking down into a violent sweat actually begins with your cough. And of course, your cough begins with the size of your dab hit.

The sweats are usually a result of taking a dab hit that is a little too big and landing yourself in a coughing fit. Coughing is the body’s natural reaction to having chemicals that are foreign to it in the lungs. When you take a huge dab hit, filling up the lungs with foreign things is exactly what you are doing. This is especially so if chemicals are used to make up the concentrate.

Coughing is what you do when your body is trying to remove some of the THC and other chemicals from the lower, deeper part of the lungs. They continue to move higher and higher, and eventually, you could end up coughing out a lot of mucus.

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Dizzy spells

Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats?
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As you cough, you are naturally interfering with your body’s natural inhalation and exhalation patterns. This interrupts the amount of oxygen that is flowing through the body. The act of smoking a dab is also interfering with the flow of oxygen in the body. This is what can cause light-headedness after smoking a huge dab.

In the process of moving these foreign chemicals from lower parts of the lungs to the bronchial tube, the body usually requires a high amount of oxygen to successfully carry out this act. With the lungs full of foreign chemicals, the body finds itself very oxygen insufficient. This is what causes the body to sweat. It’s almost like exercising!

How to skip the dab sweats

Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats?
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Is there a way to avoid getting the sweats with the dabs? Well, the only way might be to take smaller dabs. The sweats are just one of those things dabbers must accept as part of the dabbing experience. Concentrated weed has a huge effect on the body instantly after using it, so the body has to deal with it somehow!

However, we can make the recommendation to take huge dab hits sitting down, so as to avoid dizzy spells and fainting. Stay well hydrated, dabbers!

How do you deal with dab sweats? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

Why Do You Get The Dab Sweats?

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