What Makes The Best Rosin Press? 1

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?

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Not so long ago, getting concentrates meant a trip to the dispensary. For some, that trip took a lot longer than others. The idea of making concentrates at home carried not only a learning curve but plenty of dangers. BHO extraction accidents sizzled across headlines, and people’s homes and bodies paid the price. But thankfully, Rosin press technology came to light, promising not only safer and cheaper extraction but better quality and flavor. Want to make your own concentrates? Here are some of the best presses around.

DIY attitude on a budget

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?
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For personal pressing on a budget, you want to do it right without the hassles. The Rosin X Mini gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The press holds .5g of material per run and uses manual pressure. Unlike some home tricks with poor results, this device gives optimum temperature, for maximum results without the mess or danger of burns.

Price Tag: $120

The Rosin X Auto makes for perfect personal extraction. Not only does it feature the perfect heat and safety, but it does the work for you. No physical strain required.

Just load up to 1.5g of material, close the lid, and it applies up to 500lbs of pressure to get impressive yields. The Rosin X Auto features multiple settings for customizing the process depending the material and extraction needs.

Price Tag: $290

Gold Series manual 5×5

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?
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This takes home production to the big leagues without the big dollars. It gives up to 850lbs of pressure with a manual lever. Full temperature controls up to 415ºF on two 5″ x 5″ plates with a total machine weight of only 39lbs means the Gold can easily travel if needed.

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A great feature unique to the Gold Series press is the swing away upper section, for easy loading and unloading. Use it to ensure no accidental upper plate contact and enjoy the best in amateur level production.

Price Tag: $525

Speedy professional pneumatic

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?
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This is a tool for massive production and ideal operator safety. It comes with double button safety operation, to prevent any possibility of fingers in the danger zone. This same tech is used in industrial aerospace manufacturing equipment.

The single ram pneumatic press uses air pressure, giving it a faster cycle time and smooth operation. The 4″ x 8″ solid aluminum dual heat plates mean even heat for incredible yields, and it offers full time and temp customization, up to 482ºF. Get ready for results, with up to 8,000lbs of pressure! This level system is for a permanent setup, as it weighs 155lbs, and requires an air compressor.

Price Tag: $2,995

All in one hydraulic

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?
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If you plan to make a lot of rosin, then you don’t want to mess with little guys. The RTP Professional All in One heat press might just be the best overall deal on the market. This press features custom heat and time controls, as well as a press counter.

The hydraulic machine runs on standard 110 voltage, so it works anywhere you want; kitchen, garage, or shop. With up to 482ºF and up to 12,000lbs of pressure, it really is professional grade. A great additional feature is the emergency stop, ideal for adjusting product before a bad press and keeping you safe.

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Price Tag: $3,250

A rosin press to meet any need

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?
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From simple personal use to professional production scale, Rosin Tech Products offer clean, solventless extraction. Rosin heat extraction means zero chance of impurities from the process ending up in the finished product, for a better flavor and effect.

The entire line, including a whopping 20ton pressure behemoth press can be found at NamasteVaporizers.com, the one stop source for all your cannabis needs.

What Makes The Best Rosin Press?

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