What is Liquid Pot And Is It Any Good? 1

What is Liquid Pot And Is It Any Good?

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With the legalization movement spreading like wildfire, there are more and more cannabis products making their way into the market. From marijuana wax to cannabis chicken curry, the range of products is endless, and the newest one is liquid pot. 

What is it and how is it made?

What is Liquid Pot And Is It Any Good?
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It is sometimes called liquid THC or Cannabis E-Juice, because the process by which it is made extracts the psychoactive compound THC from the marijuana flowers.

Obviously, it comes in a liquid form and it is usually purchased in cartridges. The cartridge is then loaded up into a vaporizer pen and is smoked from that.

The process by which the liquid is made is by infusing the herb into a glycerin or alcohol tincture, and then using that in the vape pen. It is mostly made with hash, but it can be made using fresh bud flowers too. The buds are then soaked in alcohol for 10-14 days, being shaken every day. After the THC has had a chance to dissolve in the alcohol, the buds or hash are strained away and the glycerin is added to the mixture. What´s left after that is a tincture.

Another way to make it is using butane, and extracting the THC from the buds using an explosion.

Some commercial companies (as well as home made tinctures) add flavor to their tincture for extra flavor when smoking. Sometimes they do this with essential oils, other tinctures or flavoring.

Is it any good?

Well, if the way you measure the quality of your smoke is by the strength, then yes. It is very good. Smoking liquid pot is to smoke a highly concentrated version of marijuana. While most buds or flowers contain on average around 20 percent THC, whereas a good tincture for liquid pot can contain up to 90 percent THC.

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However, be careful of the consequences of smoking something that is almost pure THC. The high THC content means that smoking too much of it can be dangerous. Users can pass out or vomit if they smoke too much of it. There are also reports of explosions from people trying to make their own liquid pot with butane.

Just like any other form of marijuana, users report different effects. While some people report increased relaxation and creativity, some people report feelings of anxiety or paranoia. However, vaporizing tinctures is one of the best ways to get the benefit of the herb into your body, so it is a great way to ingest marijuana if you are using it medicinally.

Is it legal in the USA?

What is Liquid Pot And Is It Any Good?

Liquid pot is legal for sale in states like Colorado and Washington state. Marijuana has been fully legalized in these states. However, there is no regulation for the manufacture of liquid pot yet, as it is still a new product. Legal standards have not yet been established for the product, so you can´t actually be sure what you are buying when you buy a cartridge.

Overall, liquid pot is a very strong form of marijuana. If you´re looking to get extremely high, liquid pot might be the means for you!

Have you tried liquid pot? Let us know what you think about it!

What is Liquid Pot And Is It Any Good?

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