What Happened When Three Former Cops Smoked Weed Together?

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In one of the more memorable episodes of Cut’s “Strange Buds,” three ex-cops smoke weed, which leads to an elevated and entertaining debate about the benefits of your favorite herb.

The cops are here

You’re probably familiar with Cut’s Strange Buds, which gets together the unlikeliest of people together, who then smoke up. In previous episodes, Aubrey Plaza has smoked it up with the Weed Nuns, and another episode brought together a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent, who debated the state of the union while getting elevated.

But in this episode, Cut has three former cops coming to the table to smoke, which starts in a unique way.

So, what makes this episode of Strange Buds different from the others? That would be how it begins, which sees the former cops doing a field sobriety test, proving that all three are fully functional. But, given the theme of Strange Buds, that won’t last.

Before the test, you’ll meet the three ex-cops. From the left, it’s Reen, who had last smoked weed in 1968. In the middle, it’s David, who first smoked when he was 14. On the right, it’s Robert, who had only tried it once, when he was “on a waterbed with a very agreeable woman while listening to Rhapsody in Blue“.

With the field sobriety test done, which is entertaining on its own, the ex-cops are smoking from a bong – with a little assistance, of course. Then, the questions start. Now, what are the questions? You’ll have to watch and see because you won’t be disappointed.

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As always, make sure you’re elevated, too.

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