‘Weaponized Marijuana’ Is NYPD’s Newest Drug Threat

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Apparently giving users super human strength and making them resistant to pain, “synthetic marijuana”, or “spice”, or “K-2” is becoming more of a dangerous threat in New York.

The problem? This fake cannabis can be bought for as little as $2, making it extremely accessible without individuals knowing how harmful it can be. New York Police Department officials are coining it as “weaponized marijuana.”

There is a serious problem with synthetic marijuana. It often leads to users becoming hospitalized, or even worse, death. Addiction is also a huge problem with this synthetic drug, which you can see with the incredibly difficult lives of Britain’s addicts.

“The synthetic marijuana issue has been one of great and growing concern here in New York,” said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton at a press conference. “You are going to see a lot more of it in the short term.”

Spread as much information as you can on this fake compound, because it can be very dangerous and lethal. It just adds to the reason why the real natural version of the plant should be made legal and regulated.

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