Watch What Happened When She Tried Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain

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Kelsey Darragh had tried almost everything to stop the chronic pain caused by a neurological condition, but she had not tried medical cannabis, which begs the question: Did it work?

Using the chronic to stop chronic pain

If you’re at all familiar with BuzzFeed, you’ll probably know Kelsey Darragh, the “loud-mouthed, no-filtered, boss ass, bitch producer” of some of your favorite videos.

But what you won’t know is that Kelsey also suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), which is a neuropathic pain disorder – a pretty serious one at that. The disorder begins at the Trigeminal Nerve, located deep in the center of your brain, which transmits sensations from the brain to the face.

But, sometimes, those sensations can go awry, which causes one of the worst pains known to mankind. That is excruciating pain in the head, neck, and jaw is comparable to severe burns, childbirth and a bite of a bullet ant. It gets so bad that some sufferers have taken their own lives.

I’m at a point in my life and in my pain where I’m willing to try anything.

Over time, Kelsey has had had multiple surgeries to try and fix it, but the pain still continues. No matter if she uses – from expensive medications to acupuncture and even Botox injections  – the pain just doesn’t stop.

There was one thing she had yet to try, though, which is the topic of this video: Medical Marijuana – Can It Cure The “Worst Pain In The World”? Since Kelsey was at a point in her life that the pain was too much, she decided to try that other medicine, which happens to be your favorite herb.

You Know You’re Too High When You Think A Dog Bite Is A Gun Shot

Check out the video to see Kelsey’s medical cannabis experience.

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