Watch Cannabis Kill Cancer With Your Own Eyes

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By now you know that THC can combat cancer. Seeing it in action makes a far more profound impact than just hearing about it, though. Watch this short clip to see exactly what happens when THC meets actual cancer cells! 


Nothing like it

The SETH group touts THC’s abilities, saying:

No chemotherapy can match this nontoxic anti-cancer action.

They are right. Current cancer treatment, chemotherapy, comes from the poisonous chemicals used in early 20th-century warfare. Mustard gas was designed to kill people in a horribly painful fashion. The effect it has on every part of the body is the same. It kills. Modern-day chemo boils down to trying to kill cancer without killing the patient in the process.

Study after study

People against cannabis like to cry that a lack of evidence exists. Despite the miles of red tape between scientists and access to the medicine through the FDA, DEA, and NIDA, that is not the case. Since the 1970’s when the plant was first placed into Schedule I status as having no medical benefits, scientists have conducted research.

From the first ones to the most recent, the results are conclusive. Cannabis kills cancer. Now even the American Medical Association and the American Pediatric Society have called for the government to change that restriction because it is a lie.

Watch and see the truth

Take a few seconds and see why we have to fight for access to this powerful medicine. In under a minute, you will begin to understand why this cure is so amazing, and possibly why Big Pharma wants it kept illegal. After all, if we can grow the cure, why do we need to buy their expensive pills?

This Dad Live Streams His Cannabis Grow Op

Are you going to show this to the people in your life who simply can’t fathom that it works? Tell us their reactions on social media or in the comments below.

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