Watch an aggressive Nancy Grace attack 2 Chainz and lose in a debate about cannabis legalization.

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Nancy Grace should really just do all of us a favor and smoke a big joint all to herself. That, or find some alternative method for chilling out and addressing the root of her weed hate.

Notorious for her proliferation of cannabis fear-mongering, Grace delivers on all accounts in a high-strung, angsty episode in which 2 Chainz cushions her blows to the chest like a champ.

We’re not sure if our newfound appreciation for 2 Chainz comes from his debate skills or his patience enduring the inane accusations for nine minutes, including attacks on his rap name and parenting skills. Good on ya 2 Chainz, you’ve got our respect!

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This Country Just Legalized Medical Marijuana, Industry Already Valued At $100 Million
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