Watch: A Bunch Of Stoned People Get Surprised With A Sloth

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These people feeling pretty good, being invited to an interview about their spirit animal while stoned. Little did they know that the interviewers had a surprise in store for them, in the form of a cute and chill sloth that comes out to play.

How high are you right now?

The Hugh Guys, presented by BuzzFeed likes to ask questions of a group of people while they are high to get some funny and insightful answers. In this episode, they start off by asking how high they are, as sort of a baseline.

“I smoke like four different types of weeds, I call it the Mega-Blunt.”

“I can feel my skeleton right now.”

Perfect, nice and toasty. The stage is set.

What animal do you feel like right now?

Asked what their spirit animal was when high, one guy said a unicorn, another said a whale, but the girl actually said a little sleepy sloth which was more than perfect, because at that moment, here it comes!

“I’ve never felt more magic in my life. I said ‘sloth’ and then a sloth was here!”

One guy was so shocked, he literally shouted, then immediately apologized.

“What?! I’m so sorry, are you not allowed to yell at these?”

Another girl could barely contain tears of joy.

“That’s amazing. There are sloths that live in Los Angeles?”

Cozy with a new friend

Even the one guy who seemed to not realize it was there at first warmed up to the little creature. Everyone was in awe of the serene animal as he munched away on a snack and ‘hung out’ with them.

“I’m high, you look high.”

“Peacing out with a hook hand, eatin’ apple. That’s pimp vibes right there.”

“We should have sloth appreciation day. Must!”

How about you? Do you love being around animals when you are high? Have you ever seen a sloth in real life? Share your tales of animal encounters while high on social media or in the comments below.

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