Veterans With PTSD Sue Colorado Over MMJ Decision

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Five people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado over its decision not to include PTSD in its list of conditions treatable by medical marijuana.

The plaintiffs — four war veterans and one sexual assault victim — filed the suit Wednesday, asking that the Colorado Board of Health’s decision be overturned. Citing a lack of federal research, the board voted 6-2 not to include PTSD on its list of qualifying conditions, despite a recommendation by the state’s chief medical officer, Dr. Larry Wolk.

The five plaintiffs currently self-medicate with marijuana, but have also been prescribed other drugs for PTSD. They all say that marijuana is more effective than the prescription drugs.

The suit claims that the plaintiff’s access to medical marijuana strains appropriate for treating PTSD has been “severely impeded” by the medical board’s decision.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Colorado, but is taxed 10 times more heavily than medical marijuana.


Photo Credit: Satish Krishnamurthy


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