Uruguay Set to Produce 6-10 Tons of Cannabis Per Month

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Uruguay set new goals for national cannabis production and distribution last week.

The first country to completely legalize marijuana will try to produce between 6 and 10 tons of cannabis a month, according to National Drug Board chief Milton Romani.

Romani stated that the marijuana would be sold at pharmacies to registered users only. The program is basically ready to go; “we just need to fine-tune the software for registration and pharmacy sales,” he said.

Under the law passed in December 2013, Uruguayan citizens can purchase up to 40 grams of marijuana a month from pharmacies, or they can grow it at home or as a member of a cannabis club. Foreigners cannot, for the moment, legally purchase marijuana there.

Romani noted that there’s “a market of about 160,000 Uruguayans that frequently or occasionally consume marijuana,” and some 3,100 citizens have registered as home growers.




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