Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student Into Selling Him Weed

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This is very upsetting.

While some states are celebrating life with legal cannabis, other states are sending undercover cops into schools to coerce children into drug deals. This is not a joke.

Not only that, but when kids fail to produce the desired drugs, the cops stop at nothing to get the answer they want, going so far as to manipulating an autistic student.

Jesse Snodgrass struggled to connect with kids at school and thought he had finally made a friend. Eager to please and keep his new friend, Jesse went to extreme lengths to get him the weed he asked for. Then his only friend betrayed him.

Since discovering the truth, Jesse has suffered from PTSD as an effect of the trauma, on top of his autism.

You may be surprised to hear this is happening in California, home to two recent marijuana grow raids just this summer (one on federally sanctioned tribal lands). This is also where Sky High dispensary raid occurred, during which footage captured cops trashing the store and enjoying edibles.

Can someone please step in to correct California enforcement? It’s out of control.

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