Tommy Chong was diagnosed with cancer again. See how he plans to treat it excessively with cannabis!

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We hated hearing the recent news: Tommy Chong has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Even though it is never great news to hear the “C” word, Tommy Chong was not without his famed humor that we know and love when he tweeted:

“I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, the cancer came back and it’s a real pain in the butt.”

Then the good news: “The good news is I now have to use more marijuana to treat the cancer.”

Our prayers are with Tommy to overcome his rectal cancer and to rise above it all once again like he did when his prostate cancer went into remission. We know you can do this Tommy, and we know the cannabis will keep you wholesome along the way! We are all here in support of you!

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