Tommy Chong Details Fight Against Cancer in Podcast Debut

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Legendary cannabis icon Tommy Chong just launched his new podcast on the CannabisRadio network this week. In the first episode, the comedian and famed cannabis activist shares an intimate tell-all about how cannabis aided him in his struggles to overcome cancer.

In the podcast, Chong speaks with his son Paris Chong about being diagnosed with rectal cancer while performing on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and the ensuing awkward realities of handling his condition in such a high-stress and demanding professional environment.

The two also discuss their family’s handling of Chong’s diagnosis and recovery, including some particularly, uh, intimate moments involving packing tape — easy to joke about now, though they admit it was quite uncomfortable at the time!

Chong also shares a variety of fun stories afforded by his celebrity status and weighs in on the diversity controversy that dominated this year’s Oscars. Listen to the first episode using the media player below!

Welcome to the world of podcasting, Tommy! We are looking forward to hearing more. You can subscribe to future episodes of Chong’s new podcast at, where you can also find episodes of The Podcast hosted by our own Shango Los!


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