This Florida Woman Beat Breast Cancer Using Only Cannabis Oil

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As a result of the passing of Florida’s Amendment Two, people are seeking alternative treatment for their ailments, including cancer. One of those people is Tammy Levent, who refused traditional treatments for her breast cancer. After making the decision to rely on cannabis oil solely, Levent is now cancer free. Although success stories like Levent’s are anecdotal, Amendment Two is now opening the door to further research on the matter. Check out the video below to hear how cannabis is keeping Levent’s cancer at bay. 


Tammy Levent treated cancer with medical cannabis

Due to the passing of Amendment Two in Florida, individuals are eager to seek alternative treatment for a variety of health conditions, which include cancer.

Tammy Levent is currently using cannabis oil to keep her cancer in remission. During May of 2015, Levent became diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Although the disease quickly began to grow, she refused to seek traditional treatments,

They thought I was absolutely insane. They’re like it’s not going work, you can’t be doing this, and I was like it’s my body, and this is what I want to do.

Despite going against doctor’s orders by relying on strictly cannabis oil, she is now cancer free, and doctors are now scratching their heads as to how cannabis is keeping the disease at bay.

Upon checking Levent’s bloodwork, Lisa Genovese, a nurse on Levent’s medical team, could not explain what she saw,

When I looked at Tammy’s blood work the tumor markers were all zero – and I couldn’t explain it.

Dr. Palanca, Levent’s medical cannabis doctor, hopes that stories like Levent’s will encourage people to do further research on cannabis and its ability to treat cancer.

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