This Couple Just Had A Weed Wedding In A Nevada Grow House

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With the recent legalization of weed in the state, one couple decided it was a nice day for a green wedding, by getting married in a Nevada grow house.

Nice day for a green wedding

Sure, the idea of a weed wedding isn’t that unique, with many people choosing to tie the knot in a ceremony that is green-themed. But a couple in Las Vegas has put their own twist on that, by having the nuptials in a Nevada grow house, which happened to coincide with the legalization of weed in the state.

The bride, Anna Balfe-Taylor, says that when her now-husband Mark asked her to marry him inside a grow house, she “had to think about it,” but she quickly came round to the idea. In the interview with KSNV, Balfe-Taylor said that she supports it and “thinks it’s great,” which is probably more to do with the inspiration behind the location.

That’s because the theme of the wedding wasn’t chosen out of a love of getting elevated, but more as a celebration of Nevada’s new recreational laws, even though neither the bride nor groom are smokers.

The show of support comes from Mark’s father having served time for a weed-related offense, which is what inspired Mark to go get a medical degree and start doing more research into cannabis.

It’s about the freedom to have a choice on a substance that is harmless. – Mark Balfe-Taylor

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