This $100,000 Bong Is A True Work Of Art

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As the cannabis market continues to grow and grow, other markets are looking for their way to snag a piece of growing popularity. Since the recession, the high-end art world has seen a rapid decrease in buyers. One young man is hoping to change all of that with his ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive bong art shows.


Art collections

Mr. Grey, as he is known, is a 21-year-old college senior, majoring in Philosophy and English, as well as an art collector. He’s taken a year off of school to learn the craft of glass blowing and lending his expertise to artists who are looking to enter the world of high-end art with their extraordinary smoking pieces.

Not only does Mr. Grey hope to create an entirely new sector of the art world, he believes it will help to open naysayers’ eyes to the magnificent beauty of high-end bongs.

Mr. Grey holds art shows in his Manhattan studio, Grey Space Art, where elite blowers are able to showcase their finest work. Not only are these pieces unique, one-of-a-kind works of art, they’re also extremely expensive.

Right now these guys are killing it in the world of cannabis, but the contemporary art world has no idea they exist yet. So, all these people are coming here tonight, they’re seeing these for the first time and going, ‘Wait a minute, that’s a beautiful piece of art,’ and I go, ‘Yeah, you could also smoke out of it.’

Serious inquires only

With some pretty hefty price tags, ranging all the way up to $100,000, these pieces are not for the everyday cannabis user. Rather, these bongs are made for those individuals who want to enjoy their beauty, not necessarily their smoking ability.

It’s really the highest end stoner are you can get, to the point where it’s not really stoner art at all; it’s art that reaches the contemporary art world.

Mr. Grey believes he can elevated the cannabis world to really propel the awareness of all it has to offer. Dirty pipes and stinky bong water are becoming things of the past, thanks to the innovative and creative ideas of men like Mr. Grey.

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