The Trailer Park Boys Are Getting Their Own Cannabis Brand

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OrganiGram Holdings is partnering with the “Trailer Park Boys” to develop branding and packaging for cannabis products aimed at Canada’s recreational users, the Canadian Press reports. The move is in anticipation of the federal government legalizing cannabis throughout the country in the spring.

“We remain firmly committed to producing and supplying world-class cannabis for our increasing patient base; and we plan on maintaining that commitment in the future at OrganiGram,” Ray Gracewood, chief commercial officer for OrganiGram, said in a press release. “But we also need to be strategic about the opportunities that will be afforded to us with the advent of recreational use in Canada.”

Louis Thomas, president of Sonic Entertainment Group who represented TPB Productions Limited in the deal, said they had been “monitoring closely” how they would enter the cannabis space and found a good fit with OrganiGram.

TPB Productions is indirectly controlled by “Trailer Park Boys” actors Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay — the trio play the series’ main characters “Bubbles,” “Ricky,” and “Julian,” respectively.

The terms of the initial five-year deal were not disclosed but include exclusive product and branding rights in exchange for royalties and other non-monetary considerations.


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