The States Where Weed is the Cheapest (Oregon Wins)

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The price of weed tends to be cheapest in those states that have legalized recreational marijuana. According to the site, where people can submit the price of black market or legal marijuana in their area, you can buy an ounce of high-quality marijuana for under $300 in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. This is lower than the national average of $324.

Oregon beat out Colorado to boast the lowest weed prices in the country: you can get an ounce of marijuana there for just $204. In contrast, prices are the highest in North Dakota, where an ounce costs around $387.

In Washington D.C., where cannabis has been legalized recreationally but is not available for commercial purchasing, the price of an ounce is around $346.

Many factors, of course, are at play here, including the price of black market marijuana before legalization, the tax rates that were instituted as part of legalization, and the number and location of growers.


Photo Credit: Tom Booth


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