The biggest stoners at 420 Toronto 2016

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Over 12,000 people lit up at Yonge-Dundas Square for the 10th annual 420 smokeout. This year, the event was more celebratory than protest after news of Trudeau’s government making a timely announcement earlier in the day. Health minister Jane Philpott told the UN that federal legislation to legalize marijuana would be rolled out in spring 2017.

In addition to live music, comedic entertainment and other onstage acts, dozens of dispensaries and companies were on hand offering up dabs, munchies and more. Cannabis cake pops seemed to be a popular alternative to weed brownies, and vaping looked trendier than smoking from a bong.

Prior to the lighting of the massive joint at 4:20 pm, we talked to some of the biggest stoners at the party. Read their stories below.

Name: Brenden Vernon

Age: 19

Home: Hamilton

Do you smoke weed: Yes, every day.

Why are you here: I’m here to have a lot of fun with a lot of amazing people who smoke weed and enjoy life. I like to talk about weed, the rights of weed, how it’s grown, how it’s smoked and, really, anything about weed.

I was just in Vancouver hanging out in a commune with a bunch of hippies. I have a green card for Eden [Medicinal Society], and it’s really great over there.

Name: Daffy (name changed) 

Age: 20

Hometown: Niagara

Do you smoke weed: Yes, everyday.

Why are you here: This is my first 420. I wanted to come last year but I had a school exam at 7 pm, so I couldn’t make it.

Purple Cannabis Strains

I built this rolling table in high school shop. I told my teacher it was a TV tray and he bought it, but I’m certain he knew what I was actually building. These little cup holders are for my grinder, which has three parts. I’ve got this little door for all my papers and filters. I’ve got a little exit here so you can scrape all the excess back into your grinder.

The idea came from rolling blunts and joints in my car. I always had to get a magazine or a piece of paper, which is flimsy. I thought, I want a nice rolling table so when I go for a cruise, my passenger can sit there with a nice table and roll a nice joint. Nothing will fly away because it’s got the compartments.

Name: Amber

Age: 22

Hometown: Toronto

Do you smoke weed: Yes, every day.

Why are you here: I like smoking weed. I smoke weed everyday. I have really bad headaches from some injuries I’ve had over the years, so it actually helps me a lot. I’m pretty productive. I work during the day. I’m always on time and stuff, but smoking is better than taking Advil and any sort of prescription.

Everybody thinks we just order pizzas and do nothing all day, but I want to go out and do lots of stuff.

Name: Rhia

Age: 21

Hometown: Toronto

Do you smoke weed: Yes

Why are you here: I’m a medicinal user of marijuana. I use it for anxiety and depression, so I really am here to support the legalization of it.

Cannabis Use in History

We’re not criminals. I go to a dispensary to get my marijuana. People just need to know it’s the same as anybody else taking their prescription drugs.

Name: Brandon Cassidy 

Age: 30 

Hometown: Toronto

Do you smoke weed: No

Why are you here: It’s Steve’s first time seeing everything going on here. I wanted to show him this is serious with Justin Trudeau here, right? It used to be a protest, but now it’s a celebration because it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. I wanted to be apart of this movement with my best friend.

Name: Steve StPiere

Age: 29

Hometown: Windsor

Do you smoke weed: No

Why are you here: This is awesome. There’s never anything in Windsor. 

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