Survey: 90% of Cannabis Consumers Would Vote to Legalize in their Home State

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According to a Civilized and PSB survey of 1,000 Americans and 600 Canadians, 61 percent of Americans said they plan to use the same amount of cannabis in the future as they do now, along with 61 percent of their Canadian counterparts.

Another 58 percent of American respondents indicated they would vote for cannabis legalization in their home state, while 19 percent said they wouldn’t vote, 22 percent said they wouldn’t vote (11 percent) or didn’t know (11 percent) whether they would support the reforms. Those figures jump to 90 percent, 5 percent, and 4 percent, respectively among cannabis consumers.

What did cannabis consumers say they like to do in their free time: 53 percent of American and 52 percent of Canadian cannabis consumers said they have done some reading over the last month, while 59 percent of Americans and 68 percent of Canadians said they played some sort of video, mobile, or computer game in the last month.  Sixty-four percent of Americans and Canadian respondents said they had streamed a video over the last month, while 72 percent of Americans and 71 percent of Canadians said they watched non-news television over the last month. Another 83 percent of Canadian respondents and 80 percent of Americans said they saw a movie over the last month.

Cannabis consumers are also quite social: 76 percent of American and 79 percent of Canadian respondents said they use a social networking site. Seventy-two percent of Canadians said they had visited friends and family compared to 66 percent of Americans, while 64 percent of Americans called a friend over the past month along with 65 percent of Canadians.

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The survey also found that 54 percent of American cannabis consumers and 58 percent of Canadian consumers had some alcoholic beverage on the last month, while another 61 percent of Canadians and 56 percent of Americans had done some type of exercise.

The results are from Civilized’s 2018 Cannabis Culture Poll.


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