Study Shows CBD Helps Heal Broken Bones

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Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted a study that found cannabinoids speed up the healing of broken bones in rats.

Not only does this have profound implications for medicine, the findings also reveal a relationship between cannabinoids. The efficacy of isolated (or extracted) cannabinoids has been a hot topic, with many health advocates stressing the importance of ‘whole plant medicine‘, i.e. the therapeutic effects of CBD differ with or without the presence of other cannabinoids, plant matter, etc.

The study found results to be nearly identical with both CBD and THC together and CBD on its own. This suggest huge medical potential for CBD extract, which is already being realized in decriminalized states for conditions such as Crohn’s and epilepsy.

With the help of further research (hopefully enabled by policy change), time will tell whether this finding applies to human bones as well.


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