Study: Nearly Half of Cannabis Consumers Can’t Name Their Favorite Strain

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A recent report on cannabis consumer trends by High Yield Insights has found that although a majority (64 percent) of cannabis consumers say that strain types are important to their purchasing decisions, nearly half (45 percent) either didn’t have or couldn’t name their favorite strain.

Popular strains like GG4 and OG Kush surfaced most frequently among the strains that were named, but nearly a third of admittedly regular consumers couldn’t muster the name of their preferred strain. Many consumers who claimed to have a favorite instead simply named “sativa” or “indica.”

“Strains are important to users but not how you might guess. The booming market, combined with the nature of the supply chain and variable product availability, creates too much distraction for users to gravitate to a favorite. As the market matures, users will come to expect a consistent and reliable product experience. That’s why we’re seeing a shift toward communicating effects, such as relaxation or focus, particularly in vaping. Our insights on the customer mindset paired with test results from the scientific community underline an uncomfortable truth: strain names are increasingly meaningless. The industry needs to hit reset on what’s being delivered to customers.” — Mike Luce, co-founder of High Yield Insights, in a press release

The study was completed by independent market research firm Survata, who compiled the data via an online survey.


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