Study: Cannabis Could Treat Sexual Dysfunctions in Both Sexes

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According to a National Institutes of Health report, cannabis could be used to treat sexual dysfunctions in both sexes, including Erectile Dysfunction in men and Sexual Arousal Disorder in women. The study was conducted by researchers from Italy’s University of Catania, and Charles University and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. The study is published in the Pharmacological Research journal.

According to the abstract, “several contradictory claims regarding the effects of cannabis in sexual functioning and behavior…of both sexes have been accumulated.”

“The identification of Delta 9-THC and later on, the discovery of the [endocannabinoid system] have opened a potential therapeutic target for sexual dysfunctions, given the partial efficacy of current pharmacological treatment,” the abstract states.

“In agreement with the bidirectional modulation induced by cannabinoids on several behavioral responses, the endogenous cannabinoid AEA elicited biphasic effects on sexual behavior as well,” the authors continue. “The present article reviews current available knowledge on herbal, synthetic and endogenous cannabinoids with respect to the modulation of several aspects of sexuality in preclinical and human studies, highlighting their therapeutic potential.”

At least one cannabis-based product, Foria, markets itself as “natural sensual enhancement oil” and was named “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ. A 2015 study, published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found that college students were more likely to engage in sexual behaviors after using cannabis.


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