Street Fills With Cannabis Smoke After Fire Burns Through Attic Grow OP

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For one unlucky amateur grower, a fire brought a suspected grow – or, as the Brits call it, a suspected “drugs farm” – to an en after it broke out at a residential property in Liverpool. As the fire grew in size, the cannabis fumes drifted over a large part of the Liverpool suburb of Wavertree, sending the sweet smoke into the street.

What’s that smell?

Last Wednesday, firefighters were called to the residential property after reports of a fire in a terraced house, which was sending flames shooting through the roof. But it was the smoke that raised eyebrows, with one local being quoted as saying to The Liverpool Echo that “[T]hose firemen won’t be able to drive home, lad.”

To get to the blaze, firefighters in an aerial unit pulled tiles off the roof, while water was shot into the roof from a hose below. As is the case, dozens of neighbors came out into the streets to witness the drama, and possibly to get a whiff, with some telling The Echo that at one point the whole street was filled with smoke.

Another neighbor of the stricken house said he “couldn’t feel the heat or anything from my house, but there’s nothing left of the roof.” He also added that there’s “an old Chinese couple live there, you often see them coming and going.”

Another local said that she “ran out panicking and shouting that there was a fire,” which is why she called the fire service. Along with the neighbors, she also said there was “a strong smell of cannabis in the air,” and suggested it was not the first time they had smelled drugs on the street.

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It sounds like quite the block party.

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