Smoke Sessions: Dealing With My Parents And My Smoking Lifestyle

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Following on from the first two episodes of Smoke Sessions, Herb’s new video series, the third episode mixes things up and brings in three millennials to sit on the couch, get elevated, and talk about their parents.

Millenials and weed

The three millennials are Lara, Matt, and Stella, who are all 22. As is the case with Smoke Sessions, the guests introduce themselves, before it’s time to get high.

First up, it’s Stella, who grabs the bong and gets the proceedings started. Then, it goes to Lara and Matt, but the quickly latter points out – and rightfully so – that the butane lighter is “harsh on his chest.” He’s not the only one to think that, either, so the hemp wick comes out and the smoking continues. Ten minutes later, the level of elevation is perfect to start that conversation.

For Stella, this Smoke Session begins with why she smokes, which is to feel relaxed after work or school – and smoking is definitely the easiest way to get relaxed. “It’s the best go-to.” For Matt, it’s a simple answer: he’s always liked it, saying,

I totally prefer having a joint and doing something, [rather] than getting drunk.

But the real question is, do their parents know they smoke weed? For Lara, it’s a yes. In fact, she’s smoked with her parents, as she’s “one of those millennials.”

Now, it’s time to get elevated yourself and watch this latest episode. And if you haven’t already, check out the first two episodes, which cover medical cannabis and Trump.

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