Should you use a screen for a bowl? 1

Should you use a screen for a bowl?

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When buying a brand new pipe or bong, you’ve probably been asked: “would you like some screens with that?” Don’t even lie; you say no every time, either because you don’t want to spend an extra six bucks or because you don’t feel like you need them. But is that a bad thing? Should you use a screen for your bowl?

While not every weed smoker chooses to use a screen, others find that it enhances the experience of smoking from a pipe and a bong in a multitude of ways. To get a better understanding of why, let’s explore bowl screens and how they work.

Types of bong and pipe screens and what they do


The purpose of pipe screens is simple and that’s to keep weed from escaping your bowl. With pipes, using a screen prevents bits of dry herb, aka Scooby snacks, from shooting into your mouth, or worse, down your throat. With bongs, a screen can help keep weed out of the chamber and downstem.

Pipe screens come in many varieties, but chances are if you ask for them, someone is going to hand you mesh pipe screens. That’s because mesh screens are not only cheap but also durable. However, glass screens are a favorite alternative. You don’t have to replace glass pipe screens nearly as often as mesh ones. Not to mention, they come in an array of colors and designs, making them more appealing to the eye.

Some bongs and pipes are made of ceramic and others even have screens built into their bowls. But regardless of what type you’re working with, bong and pipe screens all serve the same purpose, they just work a bit differently. For example, mesh pipe screens are designed to be molded by hand to fit your bowl, whereas glass and ceramic pipe screens can merely be dropped into the bowl and be good to go.

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The hidden perks of using pipe screens

Should you use a screen for a bowl?

Aside from ensuring your weed stays in place, bong and pipe screens have all sorts of benefits. Because your ganja will stay put at all times, that means your bong or pipe will stay debris-free longer. Moreover, the smoke will be cleaner and the flavors of your herb will be tastier.

Using bong and pipe screens prevents clogging as well. Once your bong or pipe begins to clog, that’s when things start to get nasty. Eventually, your precious buds will begin to taste like you’re smoking trash. Then, before you know it, your apparatus will be so dirty that you can’t even hit it.

With bong and pipe screens, you’re also eliminating waste. Being that you have to pay for your own supply, you probably want to smoke it, not have it shoot through the mouthpiece. You don’t want to burn an entire bowl of weed trying to get a single puff only to realize that you’re not getting anything.

When it comes to whether or not you should use a screen for a bowl, the decision is ultimately yours. However, there are a lot more reasons to use bong or pipe screens than not to. Sure, it might not look “cool” to smoke a bowl using a screen. But if you want to improve your smoke sessions with your favorite device and your favorite herb, then it’s best to keep that bowl hole covered.

Should you use a screen for a bowl?

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