Sarah Palin Says Legalizing Cannabis Is “No Big Deal”

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In an interview she gave on the conservative Hugh Hewitt talk show last week, Sarah Palin had a moment of clarity, stating that marijuana legalization is “no big deal.”

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate and ex-governor of Alaska stated:  “I look on the national scene and think, wow, of all things to be fighting over and battling over, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. I think, hmm, this is just not my baby.”

Hewitt, without any apparent evidence to back up his claim, stated that he resides in Colorado, “where marijuana is now legal, and it’s impacting the state dramatically and terribly.” He asked Palin what Alaskans were thinking when they legalized cannabis, to which Palin replied:

“We’ve got that Libertarian streak in us, and I grew up in Alaska when pot was legal anyway, it was absolutely no big deal… when it comes to picking our battles, for many of us, legalization of marijuana just was never really a bright blip on the radar screen so it didn’t surprise me when the voters of Alaska went back to legalizing it.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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