Salt Lake County, Utah DA Plans to Vote ‘Yes’ on MMJ Ballot Initiative

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Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has indicated he will vote in favor of the ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis in Utah, the Deseret News reports. The support comes as Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Medical Association strongly oppose the reforms.

“This is not about recreational marijuana, that is not what I support, but I will advocate for not criminalizing the conduct of parents, patients and family members for an act of compassion.” – Gill, during a Tuesday press conference, via Deseret News

Gill’s support also breaks from the state’s law enforcement community. The Department of Public Safety and Drug Enforcement Administration Salt Lake City Metro Narcotics Task Force have each come out in opposition of the reforms. The task force is also listed as an associate of Drug Safe Utah, a political action committee formed last month to directly oppose the ballot initiative.  

“As a public prosecutor the last thing I want to be doing is be in the middle of a conversation between a patient and their physician. They should not have to worry about the specter of criminal prosecution for an act of compassion.” – Gill, during the press conference

He did warn that some citizens “living in other jurisdictions may not get the same benefit” and there are probably just “one or two” other Utah district attorneys who support the reforms.


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