Russian Media Blames Morgan Freeman’s Weed Use For His Call To Investigate Russia

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After appearing in a video that calls for more investigations as to Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election, Russian media has lashed out at the actor, which led to accusations that he has issues due to smoking weed.

Russian media vs Morgan Freeman

Last week, a nonprofit aiming to spread information about Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was launched, with the help of some influential names from Hollywood. The Committee to Investigate Russia aims “to help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.”

With the launch came an introductory video, featuring director Rob Reiner and actor Morgan Freeman, which led to a backlash from Russian media. Most of that backlash was directed at Freeman’s appearance video, where the Hollywood icon says that the U.S. “came under attack by the Russian government.”

As you could imagine, most of the state-controlled media in Russia reacted to the video, which included abuse and accusations directed toward Freeman. One particular news outlet, Rossiya 24, put up a caption during a broadcast that read “Hysterical Freeman.”

But that wasn’t all, as the network also brought in a panel of psychiatrists, which saw one attempting to explain how the actor’s appearance in the video meant Freeman had “a Messianic complex,” which is the result of having played “God” or presidents in the past. That’s when the anchor accused Freeman of having issues, all due to an “excessive workload” and, wait for it, “marijuana use.”

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