Reviewing Packs of Marijuana Cigarettes – How Good Are They?

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One thing that almost every cannabis enthusiast or user has thought of in regards to marijuana legalization, is about being able to buy packs of marijuana cigarettes like regular cigarettes. There have been fake pictures of Marlboro marijuana cigarettes floating around the Internet for quite awhile, so there is no doubt that nearly everyone has thought of marijuana cigarettes at some point.

Have there been distributors trying to sell packs of marijuana cigarettes? Certainly, and obviously there have been dispensaries all over at least selling pre-rolls. However, the fight for becoming known as the “Marlboro” or “Camel” for marijuana cigarettes will go on for quite some time.

However, HaleyIsSoarx from YouTube was able to get her hands on a couple packs of marijuana cigarettes with her boyfriend. These marijuana cigarettes look beautiful from the outside, and they sound extremely potent from this review. Take a look as Haley and her boyfriend review these extremely awesome sounding marijuana cigarettes!

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