Public-Use and No-Smoking Policies Prohibit Cannabis in Massachusetts Casinos

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Cannabis use will not be permitted in Massachusetts casinos, due to language in the law that bars public-use and the fact that casinos are already non-smoking establishments, according to a MassLive report. The Gaming Commission is, however, trying to determine whether the law will have any impact for casinos operating in the state.

“That’s a very big change in the cultural, social and possibly economic landscape,” Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby said in the report. “We should think about whether there are any implications for that for our operations.”

Crosby says, specifically, that the commission needs to address questions about whether guests at casino-owned hotels would be allowed to use cannabis in rooms that permit smoking — an issue that could be addressed by the state Legislature if they amend the law, which is likely.

The commission plans on reaching out to regulators in other legal states that have both legal cannabis and casinos, such as Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. They also plan on asking for feedback from casino license-holders and having a public comment period on the potential regulations.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the program and could choose to devise rules clarifying the matter without relying on lawmakers.


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