Poll: Strong Majority Supports State-Level MMJ Programs

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According to a Marijuana Majority poll conducted by Survey USA, 76 percent of respondents said states should be allowed to enact their own medical cannabis regimes, and the view was shared by all majorities regardless of gender, age, race, or political affiliation. Just 12 percent indicated they would like to see the federal government “arrest [and] prosecute” individuals who are using cannabis legally.

Poll respondents were split on whether professional athletes and journalists should be allowed to use cannabis. Forty-six percent said athletes should be allowed to use cannabis as an alternative pain-killer to opioids and prescription drugs, while 38 percent thought athletes should be suspended if they fail a drug test for cannabis.

Fifty percent of those polled supported allowing journalists to use cannabis, while 35 percent said they should be punished. In their framing of the question, the pollsters pointed out that the New York Times and Washington Post require journalists to submit to drug tests for cannabis, even if it is legal where the individual lives.

Poll respondents were also split about whether or not legal cannabis users should be allowed to purchase firearms, with 48 percent answering that they should, while 37 percent said they should not. In states with legal cannabis regimes, a person can be prevented from purchasing a firearm if they are enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program. In states with adult-use regimes, an individual can be denied a firearm if they admit on the required background check that they use cannabis.

The pollsters surveyed 1,500 adults via cellphones and landlines.

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