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Paradise Seeds Review

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Paradise Seeds Review
Paradise Seeds Logo

Name: Paradise Seeds

Description: Paradise Seeds are a group of marijuana breeders based in Amsterdam. The team has been breeding cannabis since the 1980s, but did not start operating until 1994. Since then, they have served marijuana growers on a global scale.

Price range: $10 - $30

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: USD

Address: Gravenstraat 12, 1012 NM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 20 679 5422

  • Reputation - 100%
  • Seeds - 100%
  • Service - 90%
  • Website - 86%
  • Payment - 78%
  • Shipping - 85%


Paradise Seeds took this possiblity to research on crossbreeding strains from the US in order to produce higher quality seeds. Their aim to build a much better quality of weed succeeded and also, since then, Paradise Seeds recently been known as a fabulous breeder not only in Amsterdam, but the associated with the world as competently.


  • Safe
  • Top-notch seeds
  • Secure and Tightly sealed packaging


  • There are a massive number of pitfalls that may be encountered throughout the process of buying the said seeds.
  • The only complication is that for those who do not have a great understanding of the internet, they may find it difficult to do the transaction unless they get assistance from people who are knowledgeable about this.

Paradise Seeds Review – Paradise-Seeds, Marijuana seed Breeders and Online Seed Shop. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Whatever kind of marijuana you prefer to grow, get ready to smile! Paradise Seeds has been on the market for a considerably long time and the feedbacks have been mostly positive. I will detail my sincere thoughts on the company’s service and products in the article below.

Paradise Seeds Review


Paradise Seeds is a group of cannabis breeders based out of Amsterdam and has been in operation, since the early 1990s. The team has been breeding marijuana for quite a decade before starting their official operation in 1994. According to the company, their long-time effort has resulted in quality, which is unparalleled amongst their competition.

The company’s commencement came about when the breeders noticed the poor breed of hash that were originally imported from Afghanistan, India, Columbia, Morocco, Malawi, Thailand, or Mexico. This was just in time when the new US breeds were slowly gaining fame. Paradise Seeds took this opportunity to research on crossbreeding strains from the US in order to produce higher quality seeds.

Overall, the company’s reputation is relatively good. A vast majority of their feedbacks and reviews have been positive. Their aim to create a much better quality of weed succeeded and since then, Paradise Seeds has been known as a world class breeder not only in Amsterdam, but the rest of the world as well.


It should be known that Paradise-Seeds’s selection is not as wide as the other seedbanks.. There are only feminized and autoflowering seeds in their collection. As mention above, the company has been growing cannabis since the early 1980s but only started their operation in the early 1990s. They have continued to improve their strains over the time.

This reputable seed bank can make measure just to ensure that the supply is created with the use of high-quality genetics. Therefore, their collection might be limited, but the quality is taken very serious. They guarantee a 95% germination rate, as long as the soil and growing parameters are appropriate. With this significantly high germination rate, these seeds will prove to be very fruitful and worth your money!

In fact, the company has produced 25 cup winners since 1999. High Times magazine awarded the company, with the Plant of the Year award in 2003 for their Sensi Star strain.


As a smart consumer in 2018, you need to make sure when buying anything online that the customer service function of the website is quick and responsive! The website offers you many ways to contact the company, including phone numbers, email or the contact us page on the website. All the methods work extremely well and normally it doesn’t take very long for the company to get back to you.  Paradise Seed response time to questions and emails has been speedy thus far.


The site’s usability is great, straightforward and quick. Everything is very well-organized and easy to navigate. It may take you a few seconds if you use the mobile device to access the site, to find the menu button, but that’s not a big problem. Browsing the website is pleasant, quick and the website organization definitely helps to make things considerably easier. A convenient search engine is also available. This makes it easy to find specific products and strains.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the company’s website is the reports and information presented to the browsers. The company provides grow reports for a vast majority of their seeds. By going through this information, you can gain tons of helpful details, which will allow you to make a more informed decision. Also, the information presented ensures that you are equipped with all of the knowledge required to grow the seeds that you purchased, without troubles.

Overall, Paradise Seeds should be credited for providing their customers with this information, which is very useful. 
Even if you don’t order from the site, visiting it to access this information is highly recommended! Overall, the website’s usability is such a pleasure!


Whatever your budget and spending intention are, you will be able to find something that meet your expectations on Paradise Seeds. There are some great deals on certain kinds of strains, as well as some pricier options. The price may vary depending upon the kind of seed chosen. For example, the collection pack of Sative costs L50.00. For everyone’s concern, there is a contact number provided by the website of the service provider. There are also promos being given from time to time. They may help those who want to obtain discounts in their purchase.

It is also crucial to know about the payment methods that have to be followed in order for the purchase to go perfectly. Payment can be done through credit card. Bitcoins may also be accepted. The weed seed bank also accepts:
• iDeal
• MasterCard
• Visa
• Wire Transfer
• Giro Pay
• Sofort. (Read more)

While this is a great benefit for shoppers, these payment methods are almost always offered by all of the other seed banks. For our review purposes, Paradise Seeds is very versatile and well rounded, in terms of payment options. Needless to say, there is something for everyone! 


When buying cannabis online, discreet shipping is a top priority for every customer. Therefore, is a great place to purchase weed seeds. This reputable online supplier can eliminate privacy concerns too, just in case there is a need for it. The marijuana seeds will be shipped in a in a safe-proof envelope to your mailing address. This is the best part of it. This would not have to call the attention of anyone. This is also safe to utilize. You can always speak with the customer service department to request another shipment option, if this one is not suitable for your preferences.

If you reside with Europe and willing to spend €100 or more, you will receive free shipping. People that reside outside of Europe are also eligible for free shipping as well if they spend 200€ or more. This will save you quite a bit of money, but expect extremely show shipping.


Overall, our 2018 Paradise Seeds review is very positive. It may not be your first choice or the first website to visit in buying cannabis seeds, however, the company has maintained a reputation in providing quality service among its customers. Of course, the company’s most impressive aspect is the strains that they offer! These strains are some of the very best and most potent.

The reviews about the website also show that buyers are considered patrons, meaning, they have been using the website multiple times and are deeply satisfied with the quality of seeds and customer service.
All in all, it is definitely a seed bank to check out, especially for first timers. You really cannot go wrong, with Paradise Seeds! Be sure to check them out today!


These days, it is vital to have an idea about safe buying. Is essential true not merely for these kind of endeavor, especially purchasing everything from the web-site. It is not a secret anymore that it is always possible to obtain scammed on the web. This may occur all of the time, so everyone is asked to be able to knowledgeable before they start a venture regarding this valuable. Aside from this, it also will have to be remembered that growing pot may end legal for many countries on the market. This is the main reason is why doing it has to be approached by incorporating sort of caution. These would not be an issue with the aforementioned provider.

Top-notch seeds

The quality is also taken very much. This reputable seed bank can make measure in order to ensure how the supply is created with the use of high-quality family genes. This reputable online supplier can eliminate privacy concerns too, in case there is really a need for it. The marijuana seeds will be shipped within a package which is non-descript. This is actually the best part of it. This would not should call the interest of anyone else. This is also safe to make an application.

Secure and Tightly sealed packaging

Remember, it is not impossible figure out companies that ship poor or even stale seedlings. This may occur at some direct. There are even those which specific the payment but examine ship plus. This is a big problem for every single.


Utilizing a massive number of pitfalls that may be encountered throughout the process of buying the said hybrid tomato seeds. Aside from the fact this is against the law in tons of places out there, finding a reputable seed bank is also a challenge. The same one more true in avoiding hoaxes. Shipping may also vary depending upon the place of the consumer. This should not be deemed as a problem with this website though.

The only complication is that for people who do dont you have a great regarding the internet, an individual find it tough to do the transaction unless they get assistance from people who find themselves knowledgeable about this. This may be faced and solved all at the same time.

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