Oregon Task Force Calls for a State-Funded Cannabis Research Institute

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A task force of Oregon state officials, scientists, and leading physicians has called for Oregon to fund the creation of a cannabis research institute, The Oregonian‘s Noelle Crombie reports.

The recommendation was presented in a report published on Monday, which calls for the creation of the Oregon Institute for Cannabis Research and also the clarifying of expectations held for licensed medical professionals in Oregon.

“This institute will position Oregon as a leader in cannabis research and serve as an international hub for what will soon be a rapidly accelerating scientific field,” the report reads. “No other single initiative could do as much to strengthen the Oregon cannabis industry and to support the needs of Oregon medical marijuana patients.”

The task force’s proposal includes putting aside a small portion of retail cannabis taxes to help support the otherwise privately-funded research institute. This is the first case in which a proposed cannabis research operation would be granted an ongoing stream of funds from the state, allowing the project some much-needed longevity.

In general, cannabis research in the U.S. is made difficult by heavy federal restrictions on Schedule 1 substances. The need for an increased understanding of cannabis and its various psychoactive and medicinal effects, however, has become increasingly more apparent.


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