Now that weed is legal, Chelsea Handler decided to try edibles. From her experience, Cheeba Chews gets the job done.

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There’s not a lot of things better than hearing celebrities’ stories about their first experiences with marijuana. Especially coming from a comedian.

“I like marijuana now,” said Chelsea Handler on Late Night with Seth Meyers after sharing how she’s now been consuming since it became legal. She even has her own medical marijuana card.

With a group of her family and friends, she decided to try out some Cheeba Chews for the first time. Listen to Handler share the onset — despite splitting the standard dose into thirds for each person, the edibles were much more powerful than expected. She notes that she didn’t take off her sunglasses inside because she “couldn’t even see without them.”

Regardless, nothing harmful came out of the experience, and you will get a nice laugh at her experience. Handler probably won’t be having edibles for a little while, but we are pretty sure she will continue to enjoy cannabis thoroughly. We are just surprised she didn’t start sooner!

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