Non-Cannabis Sourced CBD Cafe Opens in Portland, Oregon

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A cafe serving drinks and chocolate infused with CBD not extracted from cannabis plants has opened in Portland, Oregon, according to local news outlet KATU.

The cafe is owned and operated by Grön Chocolate, an existing licensed edibles manufacturer in Oregon. The cafe sources CBD from evergreen tree bark from southeast Asia — not from cannabis or hemp — so that it can remain unregulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Most cannabidiol research has been performed using cannabis-extracted CBD; there have not been any studies on CBD extracted from other plants. Grön says the effect from this type of CBD is different.

“We’re able to actually go out to the public with this product because it’s not from cannabis or hemp. We can do public medicated samples and people can try it for themselves.” — James Sharinghousen, Grön CBD’s Event Coordinator, via KATU

Grön has been manufacturing cannabis chocolates for three years but, due to Oregon regulations, they can’t effectively market their products at fairs or events. Federal regulations also prohibit them from shipping their cannabis-derived products across state lines. They hope the new cafe attracts customers who may have been hesitant to go into a dispensary to try their normal products. Because the CBD products at this cafe are produced without cannabis, Grön will also be able to ship to customers outside of Oregon.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it has no plans to try and regulate the cafe, though Grön’s Operations Manager Jenna Rice knows that may change.

“That’s not to say somebody couldn’t come in tomorrow and tell us something different. We’re definitely aware that could happen.” — Jenna Rice, Grön’s Operations Manager, via KATU

More CBD cafes may be opening soon as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is set to craft rules regarding industrial hemp in the next few months.

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