New Study Confirms CBD Offers ‘Protective Effect’ Against THC 1

New Study Confirms CBD Offers ‘Protective Effect’ Against THC

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Back in the day, most cannabis contained reasonable amounts of THC. By reasonable, we’re talking enough to safely smoke without a host of undesirable effects. These days, cannabis products are much more potent. With concentrates, dabs, oils and such, THC levels have spiked across the board. While that may sound like a recipe for a really fun weekend, incidents of anxiety, memory loss, hallucinations and other not so fun things have also increased. But for those of us who wish to enjoy high-THC levels, using cannabidiol or CBD is emerging as the perfect solution to counteract potentially negative symptoms.

Mice get the perfect buzz

New Study Confirms CBD Offers ‘Protective Effect’ Against THC
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Indiana University researchers are fresh off an experiment conducted on adolescent and adult mice that examined their reactions to THC and CBD. After injecting three groups of mice with either THC only, CBD only or both for three weeks, the researchers took note of their reactions.

Mice who were given pure THC experienced increased anxiety and impaired memory, while mice who were given equal doses of THC and CBD experienced no undesirable effects.  Dr. Ken Mackie, a professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University said in a statement that the study,

Suggests that strains of cannabis with similar levels of CBD and THC would pose significantly less long-term risk due to CBD’s protective effect against THC.

In fact, mice that were injected with THC only experience long-term anxiety, memory impairment, and increased obsessive-compulsive behavior.

CBD + THC = The perfect combination

New Study Confirms CBD Offers ‘Protective Effect’ Against THC
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Due to the rise in cannabis potency levels and the recent spotlight on CBD as an effective therapeutic treatment for anxiety, many in the cannabis world are now seeking other cannabis products that contain both CBD and THC.

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Aside from the entourage effect (THC and CBD’s complementary effects), individuals are experiencing highs with less paranoia, anxiety and otherwise panicky feelings that can result from consuming too much THC.

Since CBD is also non-psychoactive, it makes for a better anxiety cure as it doesn’t disrupt daily functioning and doesn’t induce anxiety in higher doses like THC.

CBD’s impact on protecting our precious memories is also worth noting. THC has been shown to impact short-term memory and may be linked to some degree of long-term memory impairment. However, CBD counteracts these effects leading the National Institute of Health to conclude that,

The antagonistic effects of cannabidiol at the CB(1) receptor are probably responsible for its profile in smoked cannabis, attenuating the memory-impairing effects of THC. In terms of harm reduction, users should be made aware of the higher risk of memory impairment associated with smoking low-cannabidiol strains of cannabis like ‘skunk’ and encouraged to use strains containing higher levels of cannabidiol.

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