New Report Highlights States Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis by 2017

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A new report spotlights the U.S. states that are the most and least likely to legalize cannabis by 2017. The 270-page report by the Anderson Economic Group was published to estimate future market demand for legal marijuana.

Anderson CEO Patrick L. Anderson stated that “American opinions about marijuana are changing and it’s time that voters and investors have a sober and realistic look at the potential market for these products in each state.”

The report cites Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Rhode Island and Vermont as the most likely candidates to legalize marijuana in the next couple of years. On the flip side, it highlights Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, Texas and West Virginia as the least likely to legalize pot.

“This was no small task, but we believe our state-by-state approach provides readers with the best picture of the market for state-sanctioned cannabis products in the United States,” said Jeff Johnson of Supported Intelligence, an analytics firm that contributed to the report.


Photo Credit: Tony Webster


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