New DEA Head Expected to Alleviate Focus On Marijuana

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch has named Chuck Rosenberg the new director of the DEA. Rosenberg, currently the chief of staff to FBI director James B. Comey, will replace Michele Leonhart as DEA head. The Obama administration asked Leonhart to resign last month following her poor handling of reports that DEA agents hired prostitutes, as well as an incident in which agents left a detained someone for more than four days without food or water.

Lynch named Rosenberg acting administrator, though he is likely to direct the DEA throughout the remainder of the Obama’s presidency.

A senior administration official stated that Rosenberg will focus less on marijuana enforcement and instead direct attention to heroin and other drugs. He is also expected to update the DEA’s procedures regarding the classification, declassification, and reclassification of drugs.

Despite Leonhart’s resignation amidst scandals at the agency, she was well-regarded at the agency, and many expect that Rosenberg will have to restore morale there.


Photo Credit: Brett Neilson


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