New Colorado Tourism Director Wants to Open Discussion About Cannabis

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has named Cathy Ritter, former director of the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, as the new director of the Colorado Tourism Office.

In a move away from the policies of the previous Colorado tourism officials, Ritter says she wants to open a discussion on the role of marijuana in the state’s tourism. Previously, tourism officials have made a point to avoid crediting cannabis for the recent surge in visitors to Colorado. Ritter, in contrast, wants to research what part marijuana plays in the state’s tourism:

“Seems to be that the tourism program today is essentially silent on the whole issue,” she said. “I’ve looked through all the websites and visitor materials and not a word. But that’s the first thing everyone mentioned when I said I was moving to Colorado. I think it’s a great topic for discussion and a great topic for more research. It makes a world of sense for the Colorado tourism board to get its arms around the issue.”




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