NBC News/WSJ Poll: 60% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

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An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 60 percent of Americans support broad cannabis legalization, with people 18-34-years-old and Democrats leading the way with 73 percent of each demographic supporting the reforms.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents aged 35-49 supported legalization, along with 64 percent of Independents, and 54 percent of those aged 50-64. Support dropped off among Republicans, 43 percent, and seniors – 38 percent. Support among individuals who voted for President Donald Trump was just 37 percent.

While the majority of both male and female respondents supported legalizing cannabis, support was greater among men, 64 percent, than women, 57 percent.

Interestingly, respondents ranked cannabis lowest risk among tobacco, alcohol, and sugar. Just 9 percent indicated that cannabis was the most harmful of the four substances, followed by sugar (21 percent), alcohol (24 percent), and tobacco (41 percent).

The survey found 31 percent of respondents would “actively support” a legalization law, and 29 percent would “favor but not actively support it.” One-fourth indicated that would oppose the law “but not actively try to have it overturned,” while 14 percent said they would actively seek to overturn it.

A nationwide Gallup poll from October found a record 64 percent supported legalization with 51 percent Republican support.


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