Monthly Luxury Cannabis Boxes Marketed for the Wealthy Connoisseur

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A Nov. 30 Miner and Co. Studio survey of 800 cannabis users found that 65 percent had an annual income of $75,000 or more – and new luxury monthly subscription cannabis boxes are catering to that demographic.

The AuBox, developed by former Miss Iowa and Amazing Race Competitor Jessica VerSteeg, can be tailored for men or women, and contain extravagant items such as 24 karat gold rolling papers. A one-month trial of the AuBox is $150 – a three-month subscription runs $135 per month, and it’s $120 a month for a six-month subscription. The subscription price drops to $100 per month for a full year. Currently, AuBox only accepts bitcoins but will be able to handle traditional currency next month, according to the Forbes report. Currently, it is only available in San Francisco.

Another company, ClubM, offers an invitation-only monthly membership for $97 per month but offers one-time purchases of luxury boxes – the M1K for $1,000 and the M2Box for $2,000.

“This isn’t just a bigger box,” Chris Husong, ClubM co-founder, said of the M2 in the report. “This is a box with hyper-premium quality product. Frankly, it’s product most people can’t afford, but ClubM members are clamoring for it.”

The ClubM products can be delivered anywhere in California.


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