Minnesota Company Launches Campaign to Remove MMJ Stigma

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A Minnesota company has launched a statewide campaign aimed at normalizing and removing the stigma surrounding medical cannabis. The “More Firsts” campaign by LeafLine Labs, a licensed medical cannabis business, is meant to humanize patient stories and represent “firsts” for the company’s patients after starting medical cannabis treatment.

Dr. Andrew Bachman, co-founder and CEO of LeafLine, said he hopes the campaign helps others “realize the documented success and safety” of medical cannabis treatments.

“We are humbled every day by the patient triumphs in which we are privileged to share – compelling stories involving chronic pain, opiate dependence, intractable seizures, terminal cancer and more,” Bachman said in a statement. “Through innovative formulation, consistent medication and compassionate care delivery, we are dedicated to promoting health, alleviating suffering and restoring quality in the lives of our patients.”

The campaign includes advertising in Minneapolis and Saint Paul light rail and bus stations and videos featuring actual LeafLine patients.

“It’s increasingly important that we educate, advocate, and communicate with scientific data and documented patient results to demonstrate that cannabis is medicine,” Bachman said. “Our hope is that these stories will remove stigma, replace doubt, provide hope, and encourage anyone suffering from an approved condition to consider our safe and effective medicine and care as a therapeutic option.”

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program was launched two years ago but so far just 6,000 patients are registered. The company estimates that there are more than 15,000 Minnesotans eligible under the state’s qualifying conditions list to participate in the program.


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