Michigan Attorney General Candidate Will Support Rec. Cannabis Ballot Initiative

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A Democratic candidate for Michigan attorney general Pat Miles has thrown his support behind legalizing cannabis in the state, telling the Detroit News that he would support the reforms if they make the ballot and declaring the war on drugs a failure.

“The classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug is ridiculous, and has done a great deal of harm to communities in our state and around the country, particularly communities of color.” – Miles, in a statement, via the News

Miles, a former U.S. attorney from Grand Rapids, had previously said he would only enforce any law the voters approved; however, his opponent Dana Nessel has been outspoken in her support of cannabis law reforms. She contends that Miles is only changing his stance now to score political points.

“I stated my unequivocal support for legalizing recreational marijuana the day I launched my campaign. I’ve never needed to evolve my position to meet what recent polling showed to be politically expedient.” – Nessel, in a statement, to the News

The state Democratic party is planning to endorse its candidates Apr. 15 and will formally nominate an attorney general candidate in August.

Legalization is popular in the Great Lakes State. An EPIC-MRA poll commissioned by Michigan NORML earlier this month found 61 percent support for the ballot question among Michigan voters. In November, the Michigan Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted more than 365,000 signatures to state officials to put the issue to voters in November.


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Competing Cannabis Legalization Ballot Measure Unveiled in Michigan
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