Meet The Marijuana Middle-Man

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A Canadian medical marijuana patient has opened up his own business that strives to help locals with prescriptions get access to high-quality marijuana treatments for various illnesses. Ryan Murrey hopes to become a friendly middle-man in the medical cannabis space, providing information and expertise on different cannabis products for consumers.


Easy access

Murrey acts as a so-called marijuana mentor, upon receiving proof of prescription, he will contact registered growers and manufacturers to set up the delivery of the medical marijuana to the new patient. This service aims to make the purchase of medical cannabis much easier and less intimidating for a first timer.

With expertise on topicals, strains, and capsules, Murrey can direct a newcomer in the right direction for whichever ailment they might suffer from. Murrey realizes the reputation of cannabis use as a medicine is increasing, and he hopes that he can grab his piece of the pie by sharing his knowledge with these new consumers.

What do you think of this approach to the medical market? Would you be more comfortable in Ryan’s store over a dispensary? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below!

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