Medical marijuana for pets? See how veterinarians are starting to use cannabis.

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Even though we are still fighting the masses of individuals who continue to discount the medicinal benefits of marijuana, the landscape is changing rapidly. And just like proving the medicinal properties of marijuana for humans, the same challenge is present for pets but with even greater difficulty.

Yes, cannabis is starting to enter veterinary medicine.

However, the road ahead seems long, as few studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of cannabis on pets and the only treatments currently available are limited to hemp oil. There are no fully lab-tested cannabis products, no variety in cannabinoid profiles among those products, and no alternative consumption methods like there are for human patients in medically legal states.

Now that word is spreading on the possible benefits of medical marijuana for pets with certain ailments such as arthritis or seizures, it’s more likely cannabis will be taken seriously as a treatment and become established as a piece of both traditional and veterinary medicine. Go cannabis!

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