Mary’s Medicinals Sues RX Green Over Alleged Conspiracy

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Mary’s Medicinals, one of Colorado’s flagship cannabis companies, announced a lawsuit on Wednesday against a competing company’s founding partner.

The lawsuit names Joshua Meacham — a founding partner at RX Green Cannabis — in accusations of harassment, slander, libel, civil conspiracy and a string of other shady business practices, including the intentional interference with prospective business and contractual relations. Specifically, the suit accuses Meacham of using a series of online aliases to file complaints against Mary’s Medicinals, both through the company’s customer service branch, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement, and with other cannabis companies as well. Investigators were ultimately able to link several such complaints back to an IP address registered to Meacham.

“To me, the most despicable part of all of this is that someone would pose as a patient who truly needed help just to try to harm our business,” said Nicole Smith, CEO and founder of Mary’s Medicinals. “These actions undermine the heart and soul of our industry, and everything we are working so hard to accomplish to further patient rights and their access to clean, consistent cannabis therapeutics. This pettiness harms all of us.”

Neither Meacham nor a representative from RX Green responded to inquiries about the subject.

Editor’s Update 4/2/2016: RX Green has since published a press release acknowledging the suit and announcing that they “plan to aggressively defend ourselves against these claims.”


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